HELLO FRIENDS!! Look what my Reese is up to at Storybook Farm! He goes by Prince Charming as you may remember. And he is raising money for a great cause. See below and consider donating? 🙏🏻

Prince Charming was once an amateur hunter at ease in the show ring. He’s not just a big pretty face – he uses that charming demeanor and big stride to help children gain awareness and experience physical movement. With your support, Prince Charming will continue to change childhoods.

Childhood should be full of fun, friendships, and good health. However many children face hardships and disadvantages that prevent these fundamentals. As a supporter, you can change all of that. With your support today, you will help feed and care for the animals that help kids live with greater joy, independence and confidence.

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About Storybook Stakes 2021

Click here to make a donation.

About Storybook Farm

Storybook Farm serves children ages 2 to young adulthood who face obstacles such as autism, cerebral palsy, cognitive delays, sensory integration issues and bereavement situations to name a few. Horseback riding provides physical benefits such as improvements to balance, motor skills, muscle strength and coordination.

In order to properly care for a horse, new skills have to be developed. Weekly lesson plans include games and activities tailored towards a measurable outcome. Children stay on task, focus, improve sequencing skills while learning to lead, groom and tack their horse. Interacting with our animals and volunteers leads to articulation of emotions and development of social skills as well. Click here for more about Storybook Farm.

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