Who is ready for a little history, and a little vino?! Allora, andiamo a Tenuta Sette Ponti!!

What a day we had at this vineyard. In addition to some truly incredible wines, this massive estate includes a Villa that is available for weddings + events and can sleep up to 16 too.

Take a little peek into the magic of Sette Ponti! Thank you Fabiana for an incredible day! ✨

I am so proud to carry several wines from this wonderful vineyard at Gene & Georgetti and was so thrilled at the opportunity to tour the expansive grounds and have an absolutely unforgettable lunch. Fabiana grazie per tutto, amica mia! E non vedo l’ora di creare qualcosa bella insieme!!! 🤩🤩

Tenuta Sette Ponti is located in the heart of Chianti, in a stunning corner of Tuscany not far from Arezzo. The Moretti family has owned it since the 1950s. Architect Alberto Moretti was attracted to the area by the hunting (deer, wild boars, pheasants, hares – which grace a few mantles in the house), and purchased the first 50 acres directly from the princesses Margaret and Maria Cristina di Savoia Aosta, daughters of the Duke Amedeo of Aosta.

The two princesses had purchased the property from the Grand Duke Leopold of Habsburg, which was responsible for the birth of the “Vineyard of Pallino” at the end of 1800.

The oldest vineyard dates back to 1935 and has always been called the “Vineyard of the Empire” which was planted by His Royal Highness the Duke Amedeo of Aosta, viceroy of Ethiopia, and named to commemorate the victory of the war in Africa and the birth of Italian Colonial Empire with the conquest of Abyssinia.

The wine is next level too. Crognolo is forever a favorite. ✨✨

Magical. ✨

All photos courtesy of Collin Pierson Photography

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