Traveling has been a constant in my life, in the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to explore and enjoy New York, Barcelona and Sicily. Today, I’m reflecting on three things that have stuck with me during my travels:

Keep These Three Things In Mind When Traveling

1. The Language

Learn how to say thank you (and please) in the language of the place you are visiting if you cannot do much else language wise. The effort is so appreciated. I learned this when I lived in Italy during University. It goes so far 👈🏼 trust me.

2. Explore

Be open to exploring. Be willing to get lost. But always have a plan, a charged phone and good shoes for exploring!

3. Live In The Moment

When you can, spend a day in the sun at a park holding hands with the person you love. Sneak into a dance class being offered in the park, watch the ducks swimming. Touch the leaves on the trees and live (and show gratitude for) the moment you’re in. 🤍

A special thank you to Barcelona for your generosity and kindness and spark, and for reminding me (even in the flurry of Barcelona Bridal Week) to exhale and appreciate and feel the sun on my face. And to celebrate this magical world we live in. What a glorious day in a beautiful park! Go see the botanic garden if you can in Parc de la Cuitadella (pictured above!), it’s marvelous. 😂

Although lately the world can really feel a little off kilter can still be magical if our hearts and minds and energies are open to receive and give and share. ✨✨

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