As an event and wedding planner/producer, restaurant owner, and overall human I feel that it is a duty and vitally important to never lose my sense of wonder. Imagination brings creativity and fun to every celebration I am fortunate enough to bring to life, and it also helps me (along with our team) to safeguard the legacy of Gene & Georgetti while celebrating all of the new places the brand can go. Bringing delicious coupled with a sense of nostalgia while looking forward is no easy job, but it is one I’m pretty proud to be part of. 🇮🇹

As a human, never losing that sense of wonder and remembering that magic exists and the beautiful energy that comes from that resonates with me deep in my soul, helping me to stand in gratitude while working hard, celebrating achievements, reminding me to share a smile or kind word with a stranger and to love and appreciate every moment.

I learned a lot about “last moments” this year. I didn’t know that the last day I had with my Jack was in fact our last day, until he passed away that following day. He has brought so much to my life and that includes the lesson on remembering we never know when a “last moment” is happening. Think about that and hold it in your heart, and hold those you love there too. ❤️

I walk through these final days of this year knowing a new appreciation of time & moments. Of light and dark. I am so grateful that even with immense loss I still believe, probably now more than ever in all of the things that give me purpose and hope and keep me centered. ✨✨

And having known some truly dark moments this year has given me the opportunity to embrace the light and the sparkle and the love. And to see the balance between the two as a vital, sometimes painful but always important part of the journey. ✨

How about you? Does any of that resonate for you, too? Sending love & light your way. ✨

📸 Collin Pierson Photography

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